There are three main phases in a typical purchase transaction:
  1. Before contract:  We investigate the property you want to buy and make sure that legally all is as it should be and that you wish to and are able to (legally and financially) proceed.  We do this by looking at the title and accompanying documentation, as well as raising and considering various searches and enquiries on your behalf.

  2. Exchange:  When everything has been agreed and arranged, we are ready to exchange contracts on your behalf.  Once contracts have been exchanged, you are legally committed to buying the property and the seller is legally bound to selling it (at the price stated in the contract).

  3. Completion:  After exchange, we make the legal arrangements for completion.  Completion is when you provide the final funds, we draw down any mortgage on your behalf, the legal title is transferred to you and you can take possession of the property (and should you wish, move in).  After completion, we deal with the required formalities such as Stamp Duty Land Tax and registering you as the new owner of the property with any relevant mortgage.
If we can help further, please contact us on 0923 234607 or email our Conveyancing & Property department to arrange an appointment.