Making a Will

Two thirds of the adult population of the UK are reported not to have a Will, taking their chances with the complex Intestacy Rules which apply to an estate on death where no Will is left.  Many people who do make Wills rely on homemade versions, which may not effectively reflect their wishes, or may even be found to be invalid.

We understand that considering your mortality is not a pleasant thought but leaving a Will can assist your family in many ways.  In a Will you (and not statutory and inflexible provisions) decide who will administer your estate and who will benefit from the same.  A Will can ensure that you have taken into the account the needs of all members of your family; provide your family with clarity as to your wishes; can more effectively protect and provide for young or vulnerable individuals or disabled beneficiaries; can appoint guardians to look after young children.

Even if you currently have a Will, it is important to keep it under review.  Inheritance and other taxes change regularly, and there have been important changes to estate law itself in recent years.  It is also important to consider any changes to your family circumstances.  For example, did you know that marriage or entering into a civil partnership automatically revokes a Will, unless the Will was made in specific contemplation of the marriage or civil partnership?

We understand that everyone’s family and situation is different and, where possible, we like to take the time to meet with you personally and talk through your needs and requirements, and answer any questions you may have.

We can then prepare a draft of your Will for your approval and, if possible, like to meet with you again to ensure you are completely happy with your Will and that all legal formalities have been complied with.  We can act as professional executors and trustees if this helps.

Once the Will has been executed, we offer a Will Storage Service.

If we can help further, please contact us on 01923 234607 or email Jennifer Hurrell or Jeremy Cox to arrange an appointment.